Tascam DR-40 Portable Microphone Review

Product Name:Tascam DR-40 Portable Microphone
Product Dimensions:5.5 x 3.5 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight:1.2 pounds
Polar Pattern:X-Y to A-B Switchable
Microphone Type:Condenser

Tascam DR-40 ReviewThanks for checking out our Tascam DR-40 Review.

This beautiful little microphone has the ability to record audio in 4 track recording mode – however is that enough to help it break through in an exceptionally aggressive business sector? The Tascam DR40 is just the latest iteration of some very advanced digital audio recorders that are able to fit into your pockets or hand.

This specific recorder is expansive contrasted with a portion of the opposition, yet there is justifiable reason explanation behind that: it highlights two combo jack attachments (XLR included) so that outside receivers and other sounds can be picked up clearly in many different ways. It includes phantom power and records in high resolution.

You can use various modes of recording like dual or overdub. It also catches a variable duplicate recording in case the original is destroyed. What’s more is that this little beast can also function as a 4-track recorder. This alone separates the Tascam from other competitors. You simply use the condenser capsule that is located on the microphone itself and you’re rocking.

tascam-dr-40Other equipment highlights worth highlighting incorporate an earphone, a line out connection and a speaker (mono) for trying out recently recorded material.

You can also mount it on different stands using the screw-on thread. And there is also an attachment for connecting the microphone to a PC by means of USB. An expansive, element stuffed screen and a bunch of buttons and features permit the client to explore menus and achieve regular commands you’d use in an every-day setting.

The most essential and clear permits standard mono or stereo recordings utilizing either the on-board mics or the outer inputs (i.e. the combi XLR/jack attachments).

There are three different modes that correspond to the LEDs on the screen. Each mode has its own parameters that can be set.

A considerable lot of the reward highlights found on microphone, for example, Tascam’s own DR1 and DR2d have been continued with this model. For instance there are playback speed alterations – 0.5 to +1.5 percent – which you can make use of. There is also a reverb that you can use on-board that isn’t just a quickly cobbled together after-thought.

As some time recently, it can be connected to the information signals and additionally playback recordings, yet here it makes utilization of a blender page — summoned by squeezing a devoted catch — where change in accordance with the impact’s send, container and level can be made.

The DR40 exceeds many expectations in its speed of use, which appear to show critical setup alternatives exactly when you require them. On the off chance that the Record catch is equipped, for instance, a press of the key named “Snappy” raises a Level control menu with four choices.

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