Roland R-05 Portable Microphone Review

Product Name:Roland R-05 Studio Handheld Recorder
Product Dimensions:4.1 x 1 x 2.4 inches
Shipping Weight:15.5 ounces
Frequency Response:20 hz to 40,000 hz
Microphone Type:Condensor
Impedence:16 ohms
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Roland R-05 ReviewThe Roland R-05 is a palm-sized handheld stereo audio recorder for professionals who are into recording voice and/or music live. So, it is ideal for journalists, field recordists and musicians. This compact yet fully featured $299 recorder is outright better than most high-end smartphone recorders.

It features audio effects, rudimentary editing comprising song splitting, and speed changers. As such, the device offers incredible value for the money without any deliberations.

It goes without saying that Roland immensely invested in high quality value when it comes to this glorified R-05. This incredibly crafted device is meant to capture sound of different variety from different mediums. It will perfectly record for you high quality MP3s and WAVs on the fly. If you are a musician, it definitely comes in handy whenever you need to practice a hard piece on an instrument.

Thanks to its intelligent design, it is easy to use as all the controls and settings are accessible. One practical dislike however, is the side placement of the headphone jack rather than at the top. This creates a stress problem on the connector if it is in the pocket. Again, judged from its functionality, it falls short of the much needed standards set by other brands of similar use.

roland-r05Against all that, it has a clear backlit LCD display and the kit is equipped with a control panel with dedicated input level and volume keys plus six special control keys that make it swift to use. It also features a limiter, gain, and low cut switches at the back for on the fly control. There is a peak light that indicates when you are off. The built-in mics work perfectly together with the microphone and line-in ports.

With the simple and basic interface, recording audio is simplified to its best. All you have to do is turning it on then press the centre record key. Based on the size of the recording, it can be split using the split button. Similarly, the button can add reverb and alter the speed of audio playback. It can also record WAVs and MP3s simultaneously and directly to SD cards.

Its recording quality is exceptionally clear and crisp capped at 24-bit/96kHz resolution. It can also record for 30 hours non-stop on a single 2GB SD card. The R-05 records in stereo and it allows addition of binaural pair of microphones/headphones for a more realistic recording of sound soundscapes.

The manual is a great use in the playback segment, it could be hard to figure out how to use it. In a nutshell, besides some of the under-par features and the price tag, it is a great pick for demanding musical consumers rather than reporters and students.

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