IK Multimedia iRig iPhone Studio Microphone Review

Product Name:IK Multimedia iRig iPhone Studio Microphone
Brand:IK Multimedia
Product Dimensions:9 x 6.2 x 2.8 inches
Shipping Weight:1.6 pounds
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Microphone Type:Condenser
Sensitivity:133dB SPL
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ik-multimedia-irig-reviewThe iRig Mic is a quality condenser microphone for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad intended for all your sound recording needs – especially in (or out of) the studio. With this mic you can get awesome sound and vocal recordings anyplace you desire on any of your iOS devices.

The iRig is perfect for the artist, vocalist and lyricist progressing, additionally ideal for recording discourses, instruments, exhibitions or anything in your recording studio, and even in front of an audience or in the field.

The iRig Mic from IK Multimedia features a unidirectional receiver container that gives quality recordings in any mic situations, and furnishes constant observing with its double smaller than usual jack connector outline. An increase switch allows it to be immediately movable for any solid weight condition — from delicate addressing boisterous playing.

Its recognizable structure is ideal for handheld execution, it lets you put it on any microphone stand leaving your gadget free to operate your most loved application. Its tough metal body is street prepared for the versatile artist.


Perfect for every single vocal application from songs to talking. Awesome for a wide range of music or some other sound application. Quality condenser-electret unidirectional container
–    Double scaled down jack connector permits continuous checking on earphones, speakers, blenders, PAs
–    Tough, strong metal lodging
–    Simple to set-up for any solid source
–    Can be handheld or put on a standard mic stand
–    Accompanies applications for vocalists and lyricists
–    Works with your (other) most loved sound applications
–    iRig Mic StandIdeal for artists and vocalists

Performers of all types will see that the iRig Mic is their go-to microphone for recording their voice in high-quality audio and continuous sound handling amid live exhibitions. The iRig Mic condenser-electret case with exact unidirectional example and high-weight holding guarantees amazing fresh, clean vocal propagation – even in boisterous situations – with no twisting, even with the largest scope of volume flow.

Artists will love the adaptability of iRig Mic for recording and precisely imitating their acoustic instruments, increased instruments or even their band exhibitions and shows. Non-performers will discover it a crucial device for recording superb podcasts, addresses, lessons, interviews, video soundtracks or some other source that can be recorded on the run with their cell phone.

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