Audio Technica ATR2100 Microphone Review

Product Name:Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Dynamic Microphone
Brand:Audio Technica
Product Dimensions:7.9 x 2.2 x 10.6 inches
Shipping Weight:1.4 pounds
Frequency Response:50 Hz – 15,000 Hz
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Microphone Type:Dynamic
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Audio Technica ATR2100 ReviewThanks for checking out our Audio Technica ATR2100 Review.

The great thing about the Audio Technica ATR2100 is that it can be used with either USB or XLR cables. And it’s most likely a huge improvement in quality over your existing microphone or headset.

Although it’s an entry level microphone coming in at $79 it’s a nice piece of equipment for anyone just starting up and on a budget. It’s got great analog-to-digital converters, ensuring you get good sound quality.

The mic also boasts an on-board headphone output with volume/monitoring control. It’s great for live and studio use, but is also touted by the manufacturer as a great podcasting microphone. Like most broadcast microphones it’s polar pattern ensures sound isn’t picked up from the sides or rear of the mic.

Now, it is a pretty low-cost microphone so it won’t be the BEST broadcast quality. You lose some of the sound “feeling” with the microphone since the frequency response doesn’t capture the whole range of sounds the human ear can pick up (humans can hear between 20 hz and 20,000 hz).

But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a good microphone, especially if you’re newer to the podcasting game. In all honesty, this mic is probably better than what you’re using right now if you’re just starting out and using some generic POS you picked up at Walmart.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the ATR2100’s features:

  • 16 Bit, 44.1khz sampling rate
  • 50 hz – 15,0000 hz Frequency Response.
  • Durable metal construction
  • Connects direct to computer USB port or traditional sound system inputs

If you’re looking for a solid entry-level podcast microphone, the Audio Technica ATR2100 is a great option. It won’t break the bank and will take you leaps and bounds beyond the sound quality of your headset microphone or internal laptop mic.

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