How to Get Your Candy Brand Noticed by a Digital Marketing Agency

The Candy Marketing industry is booming, thanks to millennials with more disposable income and an increasing appetite for sweets. With so many new products and flavors on the market, candy brands must find innovative ways to stand out to attract potential customers. One such tactic is creating themed campaigns around popular movies, TV shows or holidays. In 2019, Hershey teamed up with the new Addams Family reboot and created a campaign that included trivia, quizzes and even a special M&M bag that was only available in black and white (much like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets).

Another way to promote your candy brand is by participating in local food festivals and events, where you can set up a booth and offer free samples to passersby. Alternatively, you can also sponsor a youth sports team or business mixer to increase your visibility and reach. Often, sponsorship opportunities come with perks like a list of attendees, priority exposure, and the opportunity to speak during event programs.

From Pixels to Pralines: Crafting Sweet Success with Candy Marketing

Besides advertising, another strategy for marketing candy is offering coupons in newspapers, magazines and flyers. This is an inexpensive yet effective way to advertise your product, as the coupon will be visible to a wide audience. Moreover, it can be easily distributed through your social media channels and website.

While choosing a digital marketing agency, be sure to select one with a good reputation and experience in your industry. Moreover, you should also make sure that they have the expertise and resources to manage your specific project. You can check out the websites of different agencies and read client testimonials to get a better idea about their capabilities.